Nanotechnology in medicine is used in a variety of applications including:


Drugs and Therapeutics - How nanotechnology is revolutionizing drugs and therapy for a variety of diseases?  Click here to learn more. 


Surgery - How extraordinary surgical procedures and techniques are becoming a reality with nanotechnology? Click here to learn more.



Diagnostics - How nanotechnology is taking the meaning of disease diagnostics to a whole new level? Click here to learn more.



Medical Robotics - How nanotechnology is improving and developing future robots? What will these robots do? How will they be used in the field of medicine? Click here to learn more.




Biotechnology - What is biotechnology? How does nanotechnology in medicine influence biotechnology? How can nanomedical technology be used in biotechnology? Click here to learn more.  



Miscellaneous Applications - Nanotechnology is not only limited to preventing and curing disease and other conditions. Click here to learn more.




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