So what is the relation between Nanomedical Technology and Biotechnology?

Wiktionary, online dictionary, defines "biotechnology" as "the application of the principles and practices of engineering and technology to the life sciences" (Citation 9). Nanomedical technology is made to help and create tiny yet useful mechanical interaction with a living body for medical purposes. Thus, both nanomedical technology and biotechnology are connected to apply technology to a life science field - human biology. (Image Citation 15)

For example, a little known fact is that the first patent for the preparation of newly developed nanofibers was recorded in 1934. These fibers would eventually become the foundation of scaffolds for stem cell culture and transplantation – over 70 years later (Citation 10).

In the stem cells (example images shown on the right, Image Citation 16) research area, various issues are coming up which limit how much others accept stem cell research.  For instance, it has often been considered a worst-case scenario that stem cells would continue to replicate on their own inside the human body in large amounts, causing tumors and diseases such as cancer.

However, with nanomedical technology could be very useful to monitor the stem cells and destroy them if their production gets out of hand. Nanomedical technology could also be used to deliver stem cells to the right areas of the body - where they are required. A patient who needs nerve cells immediately surely cannot wait for the long process of a tablet of stem cells going down his/her throat. A single injection of nanobots could deliver the stem cells quickly straight into the nervous system - therefore, there would be no need for a tablet to travel through the whole body first.

Nanotechnology can also help in areas such as gene therapy, (where as described earlier) nanobots could repair genes directly to remove any irregularities or defects.




The video on the left shows the applications of nanotechnology in biotechnology.

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