Welcome to the "Nanotechnology in Medicine" website! Learn about one of the world's most rapidly developing technologies -nanotechnology, and its vast applications in the area of medicine. 

Imagine the very first cancer cells that would otherwise cause a tumor to develop in the body be searched and destroyed! Imagine a broken part of a cell removed and replaced with a miniature biological machine! Imagine pumps the size of molecules implanted to deliver life-saving medicines precisely when and where they are needed (Citation 12)!  Sounds like science fiction?  Brace yourself – It is all becoming reality with rapid advancements in exciting nanomedicine technologies!

Nanotechnology in medicine is one of those technologies that will significantly change the way we look at medicine and the human health.  Suffice to say, it is one of the top disruptive technologies of modern day and age!


Contact Information

Jaskaran S. Dhillon

10th grade, Sheldon High School

Email Address: jsdillon3@gmail.com 

My Blog (on Nanomedicine): http://nanomedblog.blogspot.com 


Mr. Jason Brennan

Sheldon High School

E-Mail Address: jbrennan@egusd.net


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