Hello and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Jaskaran S. Dhillon and I am a 10th grade student (2009-2010 session) at Sheldon High School in Sacramento, California in the United States.

Although I pursue academics to the fullest of my abilities, I do not limit myself to only academics.  I participate in extra-curricular activities, sports (especially basketball) and competitions such as speeches, debates, etc.  My favorite subjects are medicine, biotechnology, neuroscience, psychology, biology, physics, classical literature and history.  My ambition is to major in neurosciences, join a reputed Medical School like UC Davis to become a Neurosurgeon.  

Although this website was developed for purpose of Teen Biotech Challenge, a yearly website designing contest, I hope to do more with this website: I hope to educate and inform viewers everywhere about one of the fastest emerging and developing technologies of the world -nanotechnology, and it’s applications in medicine.

Today, perhaps, medicine is the area in which we need nanotechnology and other technological developments the most.  Diseases, illnesses and disorders are not limited or confined to certain areas of the population or the world; they cross all geographical, social and economic boundaries.  Thousands of diseases exist, many of whose cures or treatments have not been found yet. 

Thankfully, innovations in technology have already improved the life of humanity in extents that reach very far.  Technology now might as well be defined as application of scientific advances to benefit humanity.  We simply continue to make history with new technologies every day.  Perhaps (and it is hoped that) nanotechnology and other technologies can be used to provide an end to all suffering caused by illness.  To the skeptics and naysayers about possibilities of nanomedicine ending human suffering from the diseases: It's about seeing the world as it can be, not as it is.

If you have any questions, comments, views, suggestions or advice on my website, or ways in which I can improve this website, please feel free to contact me via email!


Contact Information

Email Address: jsdillon3@gmail.com 

My Blog (on Nanomedicine): http://nanomedblog.blogspot.com



Mr. Jason Brennan

Sheldon High School

E-Mail Address: jbrennan@egusd.net




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