There certainly are more questions than adequate answers.  We must remember, that every technology made till date has been made in hopes of improving or benefiting human life.  However, it is only misuse of technology that impacts humankind in a negative way. 


How true M. Ellen Mitchell writes in a scientific journal article, “We need to resist our very human tendency to think that anything new is an improvement, or that so called enhancements are some how better, and take lessons from our experiences with other advances that have demonstrated that there consequences, both intended and unintended, as well as error with new ventures”.  


 Scientists are currently researching better electronics and safe materials for nanomedicine alongside nanomedicine itself. The technology is being regulated by the government with the primary concern being safety of the people.  We can certainly say that nanomedical technology, if used carefully and meticulously, will guarantee great benefits. 



As Richard E. Smalley, PhD, 1996 Nobel Laureate for his creation of buckministerfullerenes, once said,

Human health has always been determined on the nanometer scale; this is where the structure and properties of the machines of life work in every one of the cells in every living thing. The practical impact of nanoscience on human health will be huge.

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